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Digital Audit Confirmations
for Auditors and their Clients

Be 10x more efficient:

At a glance Nine good reasons to use Auditi

More transparency, less costs starting with the first audit

Through our pricing model with only consumption-related costs, Auditi also offers high cost savings for small accounting firms and clear relief for the clients

  • Traditional process
  • The client provides information on debtors and creditors to your accounting firm
  • Your accounting firm draws samples
  • On your request, the client creates the balance confirmations and submits them to your accounting firm
  • Your accounting firm checks the letters for correctness (address and balance)
  • Your accounting firm sends the balance confirmations by mail
  • Your accounting firm opens and sorts the postal/e-mail returns
  • Your accounting firm checks the confirmations
  • Your accounting firm informs clients about preliminary results
  • Modern process with Auditi
  • Client transfers debtors and creditors to Auditi
  • Your accounting firm draws samples
  • Auditi creates and sends the samples by mail or e-mail
  • Auditi receives, digitizes and sorts the returns by mail and by fax
  • Your accounting firm checks the confirmations
  • Auditi keeps the client up-to-date

In good companywith over 100 audit firms

With Auditi customers have already completed more than
1.000 audit engagements in order to reduce costs and strengthen client retention. Among our clients are:

The first audit is free of charge

Our price model with only consumption-related costs guarantees relief even with small audits.

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