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Escape the chaos when requesting information from clients

With Auditi, a platform that simplifies your workflow and brings communication, collaboration and secure file exchange together.

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Trusted by over 350 audit, financial and professional firms.

Why Auditi

So, what’s the problem?

Auditors, accountants, and other professionals, must request lots of information from their clients before they can begin their engagement. But typically, the process is very messy!

Excel USB Stick

A mix of tools and spreadsheets are used.

Email exchange

Hundreds of back and forth emails are sent.


Communication becomes painfully slow as employees take leave.


Many hours are spent chasing clients for files instead of on productive tasks.

File missing

Vital information is missing, which only becomes apparent later on.

Open Door

Sensitive files get shared by unsecure means.

And no-one really knows what’s going on, not least the client that has a terrible experience before the real work even begins...

Auditi replaces this confusing and chaotic process with a simplified workflow that saves you time and money.

How we compare

Spot the difference with Auditi

See how much time and stress you could save with a simplified information request workflow.

The old way
The Auditi way
  • Your firm uses a mix of multiple tools, file-sharing sites, USB sticks, emails, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Your firm centralizes communication, collaboration, and file exchange on one platform – Auditi.

  • Your firm compiles a looong custom request list for every client engagement.

  • Your firm uses a template to save time and ensure no information is missing.

  • Your firm sends hundreds of back and forth emails to request specific files from clients.

  • Your firm sends zero emails to request files

  • Your firm and your client have no clear overview of which files have already been sent and what’s outstanding.

  • Your firm and your client can see the real-time status of all file requests from the Auditi dashboard.

  • Your firm has no idea of which employee they should request each file from.

  • Your client identifies the right employee to deal with each file request, assigning them user access and the task.

  • Your client sends sensitive information through unencrypted emails, while your firm downloads the files on multiple computers.

  • Your firm receives files securely through Auditi, and can preview them without the need to download them.

  • Your firm wastes hours searching for files scattered across multiple employees, some of which may be on vacation.

  • Your firm can find any file they need on Auditi, where they’re neatly organized and categorized.

  • Your client has a bad experience before your engagement has even properly begun.

  • Your client feels impressed by how smooth and efficient your workflow is.

Time save

Two of our customers measured the time savings themselves and were able to reduce the time spent by an average of 75%.


Access From Anywhere

Auditi is web-based so any remote-working employees can easily access it.

Maximum File Security

All data is encrypted and stored on ISO certified servers so you can be confident that no-one else has access to it.

No Training Required

Auditi is modern, user-friendly software that doesn’t require any training or consulting to use.

Centralized Communication, Collaboration, and File Sharing

No more switching between emails, spreadsheets and file sharing sites – everything can be done within Auditi.

Setup Today

Schedule a demo and have everything set up today – with no consulting upsells or lengthy sales process.

Efficient Workflow

Save hundreds of admin hours by reducing back and forth communication and getting the files you need quicker.

Maximum security to protect confidential files

Your clients can feel assured that their confidential files are fully secure. All data exchanges are end-to-end encrypted and hosted on ISO 27001 certified servers. And within Auditi, you can use individual access controls to restrict who has access to each file request.


Encryption in transit and at rest

Server lock

DATEV Hosting (ISO 27001)

Flag plain

GDPR / ePVO Compliant


Access Controls

See what auditors, accountants, and other professionals say about us

Michael Thelen
Michael Thelen
Partner at KBHT

“Both quality and efficiency have increased significantly through the use of Auditi. Our employees and clients appreciate how much easier it is to cooperate.”

Michael Thelen
Jana Wegner
Managing Director at Möhrle Happ Luther

“After joining Auditi, we saw a significant gain in efficiency with big time savings for us and our clients. The software is simple and easy to understand. And compared to the way we used to request files, the process is quicker and better coordinated.”

Michael Thelen
Daniel Behrens
Managing Director at Dr. Beermann WP Partner

“[...] the use of this platform has now become an integral part of our audit. Auditi enables us and our clients to efficiently handle our audits”

Michael Thelen
Matthias Kleinlosen
Auditor at KHS AG

“Auditi helps us to present KHS AG WPG to the outside world as a modern and dynamic audit firm. Our clients are thrilled.”