Received a confirmation request?

Auditi is a leading audit platform that helps auditors and their clients to speed up the balance confirmation request process. We’ve been in business since 2012, and are trusted by over 250 audit firms – from single practitioners to big 4 firms.

Why am I being asked to use Auditi to respond to a balance confirmation request?
If you’ve received a confirmation request, then the auditor or audit firm your company uses has signed up to Auditi.

Using Auditi improves the efficiency and security of balance confirmation requests, helping to reduce costs and save your time.
How does Auditi keep your data safe?
Since 2012, Auditi has handled thousands of balance confirmation requests and is designed to securely deal with confidential file exchange.
Some of the ways we keep your submissions safe include:
  • Data being transmitted and processed using high-end encryption
  • Data being stored in the ISO 27001 certified computer centre of DATEV eG in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Data being processed according to German data protection and professional legal requirements.
  • Data being processed mechanically – so we never personally handle it
How do I complete the balance confirmation request?
Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the confirmation upload page.


What our clients say about us.

“Both quality and efficiency have increased significantly through the use of Auditi. Our employees and clients appreciate how much easier it is to the execution and evaluation of balance confirmation actions.”

Michael Thelen
Michael Thelen
Partner at KBHT

“After joining Auditi, we saw a significant gain in efficiency with big time savings for us and our clients. The software is simple and easy to understand. And compared to the way we used to request files, the process is quicker and better coordinated.”

Michael Thelen
Jana Wegner
Managing Director at Möhrle Happ Luther

“[...] the use of this platform has now become an integral part of our audit. Auditi enables us and our clients to efficiently handle our audits”

Michael Thelen
Daniel Behrens
Managing Director at Dr. Beermann WP Partner

“Auditi enables us to process balance confirmation requests efficiently and, in particular, in a timely manner. Auditi also helps us to present KHS AG WPG to the outside world as a modern and dynamic auditing firm. Our clients are thrilled.”

Michael Thelen
Matthias Kleinlosen
Auditor at KHS AG
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