Communication, collaboration, and secure file exchange – all in the same place

Improve the client experience, simplify your workflow, see what’s happening in real-time, and save endless hours from the entire process.


Use Cases

Not just for auditors

Auditi is completely flexible to your company’s specific needs. It can be used for any type of secure file exchange and communication between companies and their clients.



Prepare EoY audits, special audits, or due diligence cases.



Exchange confidential case files and related information.



Gather financial information to complete tax returns.



Request any files and information from your clients.

Save time with a simplified workflow

Avoid the chaos of having files and messages scattered across multiple employees, email chains, and file exchange systems.


Securely organize your information requests

Requesting information from multiple clients normally gets messy. That’s why Auditi helps you to organize and structure your client work with individual workbooks that act just like folders. Plus, to keep files secure, access permissions can be granted to specific workbooks, specific information request lists, or individual information requests.

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All data is encrypted and stored on ISO certified servers so you can be confident that no-one else has access to it.

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Easy to use

Auditi is modern, user-friendly, and intuitive. Your employees won’t require any costly training or consulting to use it.

Access Anywhere

As a web-based software, there’s no lengthy roll-out time, and any remote-working employees can easily access it.

Information Request Lists

Get a quick overview of all your information requests

Information requests can be organized into different categories, making it quicker to locate the files you need – something particularly useful for auditors with long PBC request lists.


List Templates

Speed up the process with list templates

Ensure no information is missed, and save hours from repeatable information requests with list templates. Anytime you create an information request list, you can save it as a template for future use, dramatically speeding up the process of requesting information for future client engagements.


List Template Use Cases

Rollover previous lists for use with the same client

Some companies may need to regularly request the same list of files from the same client. For example, auditors that conduct yearly audits. In cases like these, you can simply save any request list as a template and reuse it in a few clicks.

Reuse lists with similar clients and engagements

Some companies may need to request similar, but different lists of information from their clients. With Auditi, you can create and save a ‘master’ template, and reuse it with any client, simply adding or removing any specific line items that you need to.

Bulk actions

Make hundreds of changes to your lists at once

You can save even more time by selecting any information request list or individual list items and changing the due date, status, user access, or downloading files in bulk.

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Your all-in-one hub for managing information requests

Description Box

Minimize the risk of having to reject files by providing a detailed description to clients of exactly what they need to upload.

File Exchange

Drag & Drop files right into the window to securely upload files needed for the PBC request list.

Quick File Preview

Take a sneak peek into office documents and PDF files with just one click to verify the validity of the uploaded documents.

Comments Section

Communicate and Collaborate on the same platform by leaving comments right in the PBC requests.


Automatically documents all activities and gives you insights about what is happening.

Status Bar

Keep track of your progress by setting the status of each PBC request.

Client User Access

Easliy invite Client Users to participate in the PBC request.
Accountes Receivable

A/R reconciliation for end of FY, including Employee Receivable

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Client access

Status Overview

Instantly see what you’re waiting for

Receive important files from clients much faster. With the dashboard status indicators, both parties can get an instant overview of which tasks are open, awaiting review, due soon, or overdue.

Once new files are uploaded, or comments are added, you’ll be instantly notified so that you can review them and respond quicker.

Any unassigned tasks are flagged for your attention to prevent them from remaining unnoticed and slowing down the process.


Export files

Export all of your files organized and ready for use

Once you’ve received all the files you need from your client, you can export them in one-click. Auditi will automatically organize your files into a zip folder that matches the structure of your information request list – making it quicker and easier for you to get working, or store them to be archived.

Export Documents