Frequently Asked Questions


What is so innovative about Auditi SBA (Balance Confirmation Process)?

With Auditi SBA you can increase the efficiency of your year-end audit of financial statements and your competitiveness. The application enables you and your clients to carry out your balance confirmation process quickly, online, and in a paperless manner, completely independent of location. Auditi SBA takes care of communication with your clients, the creation and sending of the inquiries, and the monitoring and digitalization of the returns. Auditi SBA complies with the relevant standards and is suitable for commercial (mandatory) audits, financial statement preparation or special audits (e.g. due diligence).

What are the advantages of Auditi SBA?

Auditi SBA saves you time and money, at a time when the competitive pressure is increasing in the year-end audit of financial statements. Balance confirmations are often time-intensive, tie up valuable resources, and are usually perceived as "disturbing" by clients. Auditi SBA is a web-based application that controls the process of the balance confirmation process and simplifies or takes over many administrative functions. Auditi SBA works digitally so you have access to up-to-date data and results from your balance confirmation process at any time and from any location.

What is the cost of using the application?

Use of application is free for the clients of auditors who use the application SBA. Generally, the auditor only pays per balance confirmation sent.
If you would like more detailed information about the costs, please contact us directly.


Is Auditi subject to the legal requirements of order processing?

We are subject to the statutory provisions for the processing of orders (order data processing) pursuant to § 3 para. 3 - 5 of the Federal Data Protection Act, because we collect, process or use data from auditors (clients).

Are the connections to the Auditi application encrypted?

To ensure confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity, Auditi uses security and encryption procedures.
All data that is sent to the Auditi page is encrypted according to worldwide standards. The so-called SSL method (Secure Socket Layer) is used. This procedure is also used by all major banks. By using a key length of 256 bit, and pursuant to the current state of technology, decryption by unauthorized third parties can be excluded.

Where is the date stored?

All data is stored exclusively on servers in the DATEV data center in Germany.

How is data loss prevented?

All stored data is redundantly secured, so that data loss is almost impossible.

What happens to the data after completion of the balance confirmation process?

If you want, Auditi will hold the data for you as long as a contractual relationship exists. Alternatively, you can export all data at any time in order to further process or secure it.
Deletion of data in the applications of Auditi is permanent.

Is access to the application logged? Are activities within the application logged?

Yes and yes, logons by your authorized users and their activity are logged. This allows you, if necessary, to understand exactly which users have performed what actions.


How is data exchanged with the client?

The client receives a password-protected link to an encrypted website on which all required data can be collected.

How are balance confirmations generated?

Balance confirmations no longer have to be individually created by the client because they can be automatically generated by the application.

How are balance confirmations sent?

Before mailing, the generated balance confirmations must be checked and approved by the auditor. These will then be sent automatically by mail or e-mail on the next working day. In cooperation with DATEV, Auditi SBA will be responsible for printing, enveloping and mailing the letters.

How are balance confirmations received?

Balance confirmations received by debtors/creditors can be returned in two ways:

  • by prepaid postage in an addressed envelope that is enclosed with the mailing. The letters are then sent to our mailbox, where they are then digitized in the DATEV Print and Dispatch Center and transferred to the application
  • by fax. The confirmation can be sent to a fax number. The fax is digitized and transferred to the application.
  • through an encrypted online form. The confirmation can be uploaded directly to the Auditi website.

How can the auditor and his/her employees evaluate the received data?

Within the application there is the option of evaluating all data. This concerns both the information transmitted by the client and the confirmations received.

Can the data be exported for further use or storage?

Yes, all data can be downloaded in an uncomplicated manner. This export includes the letters, answers, and also the evaluation.